New job, new country and new blog

It has been a long time since I last blogged, but I have missed it quite a bit. I stopped a few years back for, well, practical reasons we can call it, to make a long story short. Now those reasons are no longer present in my life and so I thought I’d give blogging another shot.

Since my old blog was fairly… Well, old. And since my life has had a bit of a fresh start in more ways than one recently I figured I could just as well get a fresh start with the blogging. Hence, I started up this brand new blog with a brand new theme at a brand new adress (same platform though, I really like WordPress and would really recommend it to anybody out there thinking about starting a blog and choosing between the various available platforms).

The site is still a work in progress, with empty pages, default images, no categories and so on, so there’ll be a few updates in the near future. Until then you’ll simply have to endure the mess.

Readers that used to read my old blog back in the day might notice something very different about this post, compared to the posts on my old blog – the language. Being a Swede, living in Estonia, having friends and contacts all over Europe and a few in far corners of the world as well, I’ll probably switch between languages depending on what I’m writing about.

Like on my previous blog I imagine I’ll comment and share reflections on Swedish politics and media. When doing that I’ll try to stick to mostly Swedish. I don’t believe that most of my non-swedish readers would be very interested anyways. In addition to that I’ll be writing some on different topics, life in Estonia (don’t worry though, I wont bore you with who I’m having lunch with or how the coffee tastes. It’s not a life style blog – I cant stand those things.), world events, culture, probably debunking a few myths about eastern Europe and so on. While writing about these things I’ll probably stick mostly with English. Eventually I might even try to post something in Estonian, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

So, read the Swedish posts, or the English ones, or both, or neither. It doesn’t really matter to me, I’m writing mostly for myself. Some people do yoga, others see a therapist. I write. That being said, I do greatly appreciate the exchange you can sometimes have by making your thoughts available to others. So of course I appreciate having a readership, especially an active one that comments and shares their own thoughts.